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Law 51 and the Medical Sciences Campus

Law 51 Institutional Committee

Law 51 and the Medical Sciences Campus

The Medical Sciences Campus has been tasked to set up a committee to develop the Institutional overall work plan for the implementation of Law 51. The work plan is developed based on RCM's mission is, to train human resources who have set up the interdisciplinary team to develop and promote improved health of Puerto Rican people, through education, research and service.

Goals of The MSC Law 51 Committee

"Do not seek to diagnose the potential of an individual. Find find out ... To do this, you will need to provide every opportunity ..."

  1. Liaise with agencies serving the population of people with disabilities.
  2. Promote the development of an institutional policy to guide the provision of services for people with disabilities both for teaching and for research.
  3. Promote and disseminate information related to Act 51.
  4. Identify the RCM curriculum to include core content areas to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  5. Identify continuing education courses for graduates with basic content services to people with disabilities.
  6. Establish a resource bank of professionals and trained community in providing services to persons with disabilities. 51 Law Act of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico that ensures the provision of comprehensive educational services to persons with disabilities and establishes the responsibilities and functions of all agencies must provide specialized services and direct professional or related to this sector of our population.

Responsibilities Of The University Of Puerto Rico Under This Law

  1. Promote research and adaptation of technology to the population of people with disabilities.
  2. Train a reasonable number of professionals who provide services to people with disabilities according to the demand for these services identified by the agencies.
  3. Provide, in coordination with the agencies updated continuing education services.

Law 51 Committee Members In The MSC

Dra. Annie Alonso Amador
Law 51 Committee Coordinator
Instituto deficiencias en el desarrollo
Escuela Graduada de Salud Pública
787 758-2525, x-1485

Profa. Iris W. Cátala Torres
Counseling Office
Dean of Student Affairs
787 758-2525

Profa. Ivonne Morales Montalvo
Associate Director
Central Division Continuing Education
and Professional Studies
Dean for Academic Affairs
787 758-2525

Prof. Raquel G. Vargas Gómez
Office of Academic Development
787 758-2525

Dr. Dipak K. Banerjee
Research Area Representative
Department of Biochemistry
787 758-2525

Dra. Gladys Galdón
Student Health Services
Dean of Student Affairs
787 758-2525

Profa. Ana Font Rivera
Director of the PIES EPS Program
787 758-2525

Profa. Zaida García Soto
Audiovisual Resource Center
Conrado F. Asenjo Library
787 758-2525 x- 1515

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