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Projects and Publications

Studies, Developed Models, Completed Surveys, Special Projects Publications 1999-2000 to 2002-2003 and Projects in Progress



  1. Fact Book: 2000-01/2002-2003

  2. Institutional Annual Report, 2000-2001 (Spanish)

  3. Institutional Radiography - Publications and Researcher 2002 and 2003(Spanish)

  4. Institutional Radiography - Student Profile 2002-2003 / 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  5. Institutional Radiography – Financial Profile 2000-2001/2001-2002 (Spanish)

  6. Institutional Radiography - Personnel Profile 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  7. Institutional Radiography - Gender Profile 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  8. Admitted Student Profile - Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  9. Admitted Student Profile - Medicine (MD), School of Medicine 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  10. Admitted Student Profile - School of Dentistry 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  11. Admitted Student Profile - First Professional Degree Programs, School of Pharmacy 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  12. Admitted Student Profile - Graduate Programs, School of Pharmacy 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  13. Admitted Student Profile - School of Public Health 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  14. Admitted Student Profile - Graduate Programs, College of Health Related Professions 2003-2004  (Spanish)

  15. Admitted Student Profile - Undergraduate Programs, College of Health Related Professions 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  16. Admitted Student Profile - Graduate Programs, School of Nursing 2003-2004 (Spanish)

  17. Admitted Student Profile - Undergraduate Programs, School of Nursing 2003-2004 (Spanish)


Special Projects

  1. Institutional Annual Electronic Guides, 2002-2003

  2. Questionnaire to Evaluate the Organizational Climate, Deanship of Administration.

  3. Database or Applicants, Admissions, Enrollment, Admission Index and Spaces Available for School and Programs, 1999-2000 to 2001-2002.

  4. Database of Number of Students Receiving Financial Aid, Type and Amount of Financial Aid by School, 1997-1998 to 2001-2002.

  5. Database of Number of Students Receiving Research and Teaching Assistantship and Amount of Aid by School, 1997-1998 to 2001-2002.

  6. Database of Research and Teaching Infrastructure by School, 2002-2003.

  7. Database of FTE Researchers by School, 2002-2003.

  8. Database of Number and Type of Publications by Author and School, 2002 and 2003.

  9. Profile of Researches by School, 2002-2003.

  10. Database of Student's Research Projects by School, 2002-2003.


Research Studies

  1. Entering Class Student Profile by School, 2003-2004

  2. Entering Class Student Profile, 1997-98

  3. Entering Class Student Profile, 1996-97

  4. Medical Sciences Campus Parking Needs Study, 1999

  5. Student Socio-Economic Profile, 1997-98

  6. Sexual Harassment Study, 1997-98

  7. Readers' Opinions about “ILIADIBA” Journal

  8. Benchmarking Study - First Phase

  9. Self-financing Programs Analysis, Medical Sciences Campus, 1994 to 1998

  10. Benchmarking Study at the Institutional Planning and Research Offices at the UPR System

  11. Evaluation Report of the UPR-MSC Strategic Plan, 1996-2001



  1. Reorganization Model Office of Institutional and Academic Research.

  2. Institutional Research, Strategic Planning, and Total Quality Integration Model


Formularies and Surveys

  1. Institutional Assessment Survey- Central Administration UPR

  2. Application for Designation as an Eligible Institution, Title V, FY 2003 

  3. Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System-Institutional Characteristics

  4. Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data Systems Completions

  5. Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System – Fall Enrollment Survey

  6. Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System Salaries, Tenure and Fringe Benefits of Full-time Instructional Survey

  7. Applied, Admitted and Enrolled Students by School of Origin

  8. Enrollment by Full-Time and Part-Time Status

  9. Transfers Enrollment by School

  10. Headcount Enrollment by Academic Program, Classification Year, Gender and Academic Level

  11. Full-time and Part-time Faculty

  12. First Professional Annual Survey of Colleges- College Board

  13. Graduate Annual Survey of Colleges-College Board

  14. Undergraduate Annual Survey of Colleges-College Board

  15. NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Post-doctorates in Science and Engineering

  16. Survey of Research and Development Expenditures at Universities and Colleges, National Science Foundation

  17. Peterson’s Annual Survey of Undergraduate Institutions

  18. Common Data Set 1998-99 (General Information)

  19. Peterson’s Annual Survey of Graduate and Professional Institutions

  20. Graduate/Professional School Survey Form

  21. Occupational Employment Survey of Educational Services

  22. College/University Information Update of the Wintergreen/Orchard House

  23. Annual Upper-Division Undergraduate College Admissions Survey

  24. Guidance Information System: Two-Year Program and Graduate Program

  25. Chronicle College Survey

  26. Annual Salary Survey

  27. Market Data Retrieval Survey


Projects in Progress

  1. Annual Report Database Development, Medical Sciences Campus

  2. OIAR Procedures Manual

  3. Faculty Survey on Criteria and Indicators for Evaluation

  4. Alumni Survey

  5. Faculty Opinion Questionnaire of the Self-Study Report, School of Pharmacy

  6. Electronic Annual Institutional Report


Daily Work

  1. Validation of the Student Information System (SIS)

  2. Human Resources System (HRS) Database Validation

  3. Participation in Accreditation Committees

  4. Participation in the Committee of Educative Interaction and Programming

  5. Participation in the Strategic Planning Committee, Deanship of Administration

  6. Statistics Requested by UPR Central Administration, Council on Higher Education, Middle States Association and Accreditation Agencies of the Schools

  7. Participation in the Medical Sciences Campus Strategic and Institutional Development Committee

  8. Participation in the Statisticians Committee of the UPR System


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