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Special study options:

1.   Exchange student program

2.     Honors program

3.     Internships

4.     Evening programs (some)

Data Requirements

  1. Candidates must have completed the prescribed courses with the minimum grade point average established for the particular program.

  1. Remedial courses are not considered regular courses of a program and are not considered towards earning a degree.

  1. Only courses required for graduation at the Medical Sciences Campus will be considered in computing the grade point average.

  1. Candidates must have taken the final 28 credits for the degree, diploma or certificate at the University of Puerto Rico, with the understanding that these credits are required for the last phase of their program of studies. In exceptional cases, this requirement may be waived by authorization of a committee composed of the Dean of the school or division, the Dean for Academic Affairs and the Registrar.

  1. Studies towards the degree, diploma, or certificate must be completed within the maximum time limit established by the particular program. If the student should exceed these limits, the University may require him/her to retake those courses which, according to his/her Dean, required reviewing.

  1. Graduation students must have satisfied all financial obligations with the University of Puerto Rico.

  1. An application for the degree, diploma, or certificate must be filed at the Office of the Registrar during the registration period of the session in which academic requirements are to be completed and in no case later than the date established in the academic calendar,

  1. Students must be recommended for the degree, diploma, or certificate by the Dean of the School.

  1. The student will receive the degree during the academic year in which the requirements are completed and graduation is requested.


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