Dr. Noel J. Aymat Santana, Chancellor

A little over a year to have the opportunity to serve as Chancellor of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, today I reaffirm that the number one reason of our RCM are the students.

The academy asks for students to be educated and ask them to investigate, to discover a world of new possibilities. With responsibility and commitment, we have overcome obstacles along the way and have made of the Medical Sciences Campus: The place of the possible.

As the leading institution dedicated to health in the country, today our campus is firmly aimed in developing research and innovation.

The Medical Sciences Campus is committed to providing accredited academic programs and excellence. Our mission is to continue to acquire the most important accreditations in all our programs, to remain on leadership not only locally but also internationally.

For the benefit of our students and their professional growth, we continue to set important academic and research collaborations with others world’s leading universities. In the research field, we affirm with pride that the Medical Sciences Campus is placed at the forefront with the most advanced and globally relevant studies.

Together we have established projects and modes of operation designed to respond effectively to the needs of the RCM. Today the result is a safer, more accessible, more democratic, more transparent and innovative campus.

We continue to live the mission of the Medical Sciences Campus proudly, aware of the duty we owe to our country. I invite you to continue to develop an atmosphere of well-being in the community of the university, promoting a healthy living and also academic and research innovation. Our campus is education, research and service. Together, we make it happen!


Dr. Noel J. Aymat Santana
Chancellor of the Medical Sciences Campus
University of Puerto Rico