Working Committees

 Working Committees

Integration and Planning Council

The Council on Educational Planning and Integration is an advisory body to the Dean for Academic Affairs.  Its main purpose is to provide input into aspects related to the academic programs of the different faculties of the Medical Sciences Campus with the fundamentals of the educational philosophy of the Medical Sciences Campus and the University of Puerto Rico, thus facilitating decision-making processes.

CIPE strengthens the link and facilitates the coordination and articulation between the Office of Academic Affairs of the faculties, support units, the Deanship for Academic Affairs of the MSC with the Academic Administration of the UPR.  The functions of CIPE, among others, are to: facilitate the exchange of creative and innovative educational ideas to enrich the academic programs of the MSC; make recommendations to the goals related to academic affairs outlined in the Strategic Plan of the MSC; propose rules and procedures to facilitate the planning, development, and evaluation of programs and academic activities, to respond to the educational trends, the requirements of the accrediting agencies, licensing processes and social and community needs; participate actively in the processes of accreditation and institutional licensing and facilitate coordination among the different academic programs, for the best use of resources and maximize interdisciplinary experiences.

CIPE is composed of the Dean for Academic Affairs (Member ex-officio), the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (Chairperson), the Deans of the six (6) schools of the Campus, and the Associate Dean for Students.  Permanently invited members are: the Chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate, the Auxiliary Dean for Administration of the Campus, The Director of the Library, the Registrar, the director of the Teaching Development Office, and the director of the Strategic Planning Office.

Institutional Assessment Committee

The Institutional Assessment Committee advises the Medical Sciences Campus academic management in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an assessment system geared to determine the effectiveness of the campus in fulfilling its mission, goals, and objectives.  It is constitued by one member and an alternate for such member from each School and Deanship, and from each of the following units: the Associate Deanship of Biomedical Sciences of the School of Medicine, the Office of Academic Development and Library, and the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Institutional Assessment.  The Dean of Academic Affairs is an ex-officio member of the committee.

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