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Dean Message Ilka Rios, D.M.D., M.S.
Deanship of Academic Affairs

The Main Goal of this Deanship and its ascribed units encompasses and replicates the triad of the Institutional Mission by overseeing and supporting the advancement of scholastic activity through the development of programs and initiatives in teaching, research and services. We have a commitment with innovation and excellence. Our main focus and energies are concentrated in promoting and supporting interdisciplinary and synergistic initiatives that embrace the faculty and students of the six professional schools that compose the Campus; Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Nursing.

Our Programs take into account that the Medical Sciences Campus is one of eleven academic units within the University of Puerto Rico Higher Education System. We have a dual role in academics by also assuming a leading position as an Interdisciplinary Academic Health Center, with international prestige, dedicated to:

· education in the health sciences field
· the advancement of knowledge through state of the art research projects
· the development of health services delivery models and public policy for Puerto Rico

The Associate Dean works in collaboration with the Dean at the same level of responsibility in leadership. We have a total of 20 units/divisions and offices, including an Auxiliary Deanship for Academic Planning and Development and another one for Technology and Access to Information which also comprises the Conrado Asenjo Campus Library. The other units include the Campus Registrar’s Main Office, the Campus Centralized Continued Education Unit, eight Research Programs, one Neurobiology Research Institute, a Women’s Health Program, a Bioethics Institute and a Health Sciences History Institute. The research programs implement infrastructure development programs, as well as behavioral and clinical research. For specific details, please refer to our Organizational Chart and to the links to each program/unit Webpage.

Some of the academic services offered by our Academic Deanship are:

-faculty development
-curriculum development assistance
-library services
-expertise and support for institutional and professional schools self-studies and accreditation processes
-information and audiovisual technology equipment, facilities and services
-support in grant submission and scientific writing (RCMI and MBRS Programs)
-strategic planning, institutional assessment and evaluation of faculty, programs and services
-continuing education programs for practicing health professionals at different sites of the island and collaborative
  programs with the Health Department
-service to the community both institutionally, the Island and other islands in the Caribbean
  Information about the Acting Dean

I am a professor at the UPR-Medical Sciences Campus, School of Dental Medicine. Currently I direct a collaborative training program between the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, funded by NIH-National Cancer Institute.

In 1999, I was appointed as Dean for Student Affairs of the UPR Medical Sciences Campus. I held this appointment for nine (9) years (until October 2008), during that period a comprehensive strategic plan was implemented; for the Student Agenda and the Institutional Alumni and Fundraising Initiative. I have conducted clinical research in the areas of Oral Cancer and TMJ related conditions, symptoms, imaging, and treatment, which findings have been presented at National meetings.

As part of my formal training, I completed a two year residency program in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and a Postdoctoral Master of Science in Oral Biology from UMKC-School of Dentistry (1985), and a Fellowship from Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM), Drexel College of Medicine, Philadelphia (2004).

In retrospect, I have been pursuing a career in Academic Health Sciences since 1980, developing scholastically in the areas of teaching, research, health services, and administration. Other previous experiences include holding the appointments of Associate Professor in Granada University, Spain, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the UPR-School of Dental Medicine, being in charge of the Faculty Development Program. In 1998, I was honored by receiving the distinguished recognition of being elected to the Scientific and Cultural Ibero-American Academy of Puerto Rico. Currently hold the position of President of the Board of Trustees of the International Institute of People with Disabilities (a subsidiary of Young Adult Institute (YAI) of New York). I am also member of three committees at the National level; one from the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR) and two from the Society for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (SELAM).

I view my passage through a leadership position as a unique opportunity to serve the University and the Puerto Rico Community.

Ilka C. Ríos-Reyes, D.M.D., M.S.

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Visit or contact us at the Dean’s Office, located in the 7th floor (office number A756) of the Campus Main Building. Phone 787-753-4978 Fax: 787-758-2556 Email