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Institutional effectiveness is an ongoing process geared to improve all aspects associated with fulfilling the Medical Sciences Campus Institutional Mission.  It is committed to integrate planning, assessment, and budgeting process through the use of results to improve student learning, services, and research.  The effectiveness of the MSC as a whole emerges from the contribution of each program and service for the common purpose of attaining the institutional goals.  Certification of the UPR Board of Trustees Number 136(2003-04) establishes the policy on institutional effectiveness for the UPR system; Certification of the Academic Senate Number 033 (2007-08) establishes the assessment policy for the MSC. In the following link you will find a diagram of the institutional effectiveness process at the MSC (click here).

Institutional Performance and Accountability

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* The Medical Sciences Campus does not admit students from high school. All academic levels included.

Institutional Effectiveness Documents

Self-Study Report 2011
Institutional Effectiveness Dashboard
Strategic Plan 2009-2016
Reports (from the Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment Office

Assessment Policies

Agenda de Planificación de la UPR - Diez para la década
Política Institucional - Acreditación Programas Académicos UPR
Acervo de cursos que requieran labor comunitaria en la UPR
Política pública - Evaluación de efectividad institucional
Diez para la década - 30 indicadores como base de avalúo
Reglamento para evaluación programas académicos en UPR
Política sobre el avalúo de la efectividad institucional del RCM

Assessment Plans