Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment Office

 Behavioral Sciences Research Institute


To provide the information basis and necessary knowledge for planning, decision making, continuous improvement, policy improvement, evaluation, effective administration, and allocation of resources that facilitate the accomplishment of the institutional mission.


»Provide the highest quality data and timely information and the respective analysis.

»Anticipate our costumers needs and exceed their expectations.

»Be creative and innovative in problem solving and data analysis to transform the information into knowledge.


»Quality and Excellent Service








Estudio Benchmarking 2004-05 y 2006-07
Estudio Seguimiento Estudiantil, Medicina, Medicina Dental y Farmacia 2006-07
Fact Book 2003-04 a 2005-06
Informe de Objetivos Plan Estratégico Operativo y de Evaluación RCM 2010-11
Informe Estudio Egresados 2003-04 al 2004-05
Informe Estudio Percepción Investigadores

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